Crystal Salt – Lavender+ Rosemary | 120 gms


It’s easy to unwind with the Relax bath salt and find that state of Zen.  Made with the goodness of amethyst crystals, lavender and rosemary, bring the experience of the countryside right at home. Lavender is nature’s balm for a long day and tired mind. It helps you unwind and relax the body for a better night’s sleep or simply to face the day ahead with a calm approach.

Rosemary is known to balance your mood and hormones, while amethyst crystals balance your crown chakra (mental space) and salts clear any energy that is not yours.

Use it as a scrub, foot soak, or in your bath water to unwind, or to kick start a romantic evening.

Other Benefits –

*improves blood circulation
*improves focus
*muscle Relaxant
*aids in a restful sleep
*calms any anxiety


Himalayan Salt, Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Lavender Essential Oil, Dried Rosemary, Dried Lavender, Amethyst Crystal Beads

Please see care instructions below

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Please keep lid tightly closed in a dry place
1- 2 tbsp in 3 to 4 ltrs
Do not use on face
Do not ingest
Use 2 months from date of purchase
All salts have been made inhouse and contain no coloring. 100 % vegan and natural
Please do not use on cuts or open wounds

Country of Origin – India

Additional information

Weight 12 g

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