Rainbow Moonstone Tumbles


Rainbow Moonstone tumbles with black tourmaline inclusions: 30gms – 2 to 3 pcs  depending on weight. Please note stone size varies consignment to consignment- so number of pieces will vary. Weight remains the same.

Third Eye, Sacral Chakra

Clear like water reflecting a shimmering moon, Moonstone has long been associated with the moon and mystery. A stone when used in meditation, will reveal the parts of your soul that have been forgotten or lost. In India it is considered a stone of lovers, it was at one time a traditional wedding gift signifying commitment and spiritual growth. It occurs in shades of peach, blue, gray, white and a prismatic variety known as Rainbow Moonstone. Use it to connect to the moon, and to understand the natural cycle of life. A feminine stone, it is strongly connected to the Divine Mother. Meditate with it during the full moon to discover your path.

*known as the travelers stone- for protection and hope that it offers
*use it in divination, as it strengthens your intuition
*Opens the heart to nurturing qualities, and the acceptance of love
*stimulates the kundalini energy
*affects the female reproductive system, enhancing fertility and easy childbirth
*promotes mastery of emotion + enhances intuition

All crystals are charged with reiki healing and blessed with intention.
Products are dispatched after 7 working days.

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Tumbles can be used in grids, carried on your person, or in your pockets. Hold them to remind you that all well be well, and that your healing is taking place.
Moonstone  can be soaked in distilled water overnight in a glass bowl.
It can also be cleansed with sage/incense.
Recharge with Selenite , or in the Moonlight.

Being a natural stone, this can vary from image in shape and size and colour (also due to screen variations). Tumbles are not machine cut, hence vary in size.
All stones have been cleansed and charged with reiki energy.

Products are dispatched after 7 working days.

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