Light up your space with our Amethyst Popcorn Lights . Battery operated , they allow you to put them up anywhere and use them in multiple ways .
Made with genuine Amethyst they bring a beautiful energy to your environment, promotes harmony in relationships , and goodwill.

Amethyst has been a stone of Royalty, and Power. It connects to the Crown Chakra , which is our gateway to higher wisdom and understanding. When the crown is open and balanced, we have access to seeing the higher perspective or bigger picture, and taking decisions from a place of peace.

Other benefits of Amethyst are
Wisdom and Learning
Protection from lower energies
Inner Harmony
Understanding and Peace
Oneness with all that is

Amethyst is also said to help prevent addictive behaviors.

Country of Origin – China

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Please Keep Away from Water , and damp surfaces.
Keep away from children
Do not touch the wire when on
Battery operated.
Length 2mts

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 cm