Agate Tea Light Holder



Bring a positive vibration to your home with the gold accent natural Agate tea light holders, and invite stability, harmony and good energy. These chic pieces add a touch of elegance to any room, all year round. You may keep them in your office too. The Agate is a combination of White Quartz and Grey with Gold Electroplating

*Beautiful  Agate is a stone of regeneration especially for the Heart Chakra and lungs.
*It brings a healing energy to the aura and body, helping us expand and be courageous.
*Balance to all chakras especially root
*Clearing and cleansing your home space


Crystals and Gemstones are beautiful gifts from Earth with a unique natural vibration that aide in the balance of Mind, Body, Spirit. Placed in your environment, they continue to emit peaceful energy.

You may use your candle holders for rituals or manifestation of your wishes! Each holder comes with a Clear Quartz Crystal. Use them with scented tea lights for an enhanced experience. Or add some oil to the holder before you place the tea light.

All pieces have been energized with reiki and good vibes.
For care, wipe gently with a soft cloth and keep away from water.
Each piece is unique and will vary in shape and size. Shape is irregular.

Size is based on rough dimension and weight.
Comes in a rustic jute pouch.


+It teaches us to see abundance everywhere, spread our wings and be fearless.
+It promotes growth on all levels at a quick pace and is excellent for businesses who want to seek new opportunities.

On a physical level, it is grounding and reduces inflammation. A cool stone to the touch, it is great for those with immunity issues and allergies.

Structurally Agate is a form of chalcedony.. meaning it made up of multiple tiny crystals, too fine to the naked eye !

Excellent for overthinking (Virgos and Geminis) it will promote harmony in your relationships. Balance independence with togetherness.

Zodiac: Virgo
Chakra: Heart and Root
Element Earth

It has been energized and blessed with Reiki.


Country of Origin- India
To care for: Please keep away from water and chemicals.
Products are dispatched after 7 working days.

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Keep Away from flammable objects.

Do not wash, wipe with a dry cloth.

Sage to cleanse and recharge.

Products are dispatched after 7 working days.

Additional information

Weight 200 g

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