Sunstone Bracelet


Sunstone Bracelet – 8 mm beads

The pretty Sunstone Bracelets in shades of golden orange and scarlet works with the energy of the Sun to cleanse and purify the chakras. Like the sun it brings warmth and  universal life force to your life. A happy stone, it works on the Sacral Chakra to bring joy and vitality into ones life. Use it if you have depression of need motivation.

Further Properties

*Instills enthusiasm for life as it dissipates anger
*Good stone to treat mild to moderate depression
*Works on the root chakra to open one to abundance and the actions needed to create it.
*Works on the digestive system, ulcers , increases metabolism and vitality
*A great alternative to Orange Calcite which is not so readily available in India

Sunstone was used to represent the Sun God in ancient Greece. In India , Sunstone was considered a protective stone against dark forces.

All crystals are charged with reiki healing and blessed with intention.
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Country Of Origin India

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Sunstone Bracelet

Avoid contact with water and chemicals.
Wipe with a soft cloth.
It can also be cleansed energetically with sage / incense.
Recharge  in the Moonlight.
Being a natural stone product, stones can vary from image slightly in  color, patterns (also due to screen variations)

*Texture and weight may vary from the photograph every care has been taken to ensure that the product details are correct.
*Color may vary due to lighting/flash during photography or your monitor settings.
*The image has been enlarged for better viewing so kindly go through the mentioned dimensions of the Product for actual sizes of the product.
*Products will be dispatched after 7 working days.
*The product is made from Natural Stones so small holes, crack marks on the surface or inside the stones are normal.

Additional information

Weight 50 g

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