GOLDEN – Saffron + Sandalwood Essential Oil


Essential oil : 10 Ml roll on. Infused with Citrine Crystals in the bottle.

G O L D E N is a divine marriage of Sandalwood and Saffron oils, blended, energized and infused with citrine crystals.  if you have made a purchase from us before, than you will recognize this heavenly scent when you open your packages.

Sandalwood has a Yin Energy , while Saffron is a Yang Energy. One ruled by the Moon and the other by the Sun. This makes it the perfect energy balancer. For centuries, both these ingredients have been long values for their aromatic and energetic properties.

This beautiful oil may also be used to energize your crystals after they have been cleansed. It’s fragrance is long lasting, and no more than a small drop on pulse points  is needed through the day.

Other  uses include.
-Restful sleep
-Instant relaxation.
-Soothing Anxiety
-Balancing the Solar plexus and Sacral Chakra
-Balancing Yin and Yang.
-Energizing yourself or your crystals.
-Deeper Meditation for manifesting (apply to third eye)

Typically a 10 ml bottle lasts for 1 month or longer depending on usage.

Wellness by Arura is a range of solutions to compliment your crystal therapy and provide a holistic solution for the spiritual journey.

Always visit a medical professional for health issues, as crystals / essential oils are a compliment to your healing, NOT a substitute.

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Not for ingestion.

Apply to pulse points.

Keep away from extreme heat.

Please handle with care as the container is glass.

Not for the face.

Country of Origin :India


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Weight 100 g

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