Consultation – The Akash is an energetic record of our souls’ history, each lifetime, past, present, and future possibilities. I am grateful to have been blessed with this gift where through intuition and prayer, I am able to access your Records and help you find the guidance you seek. The records offer an opportunity to heal relationships, understand the emotional or energetic cause of illness, or simply to help us to make more empowered choices. To know more, about AKASHIC READING please Click HERE.

Fees: Rs. 3000.00 (For 1 Hour Session)


The myth is that Meditation is hard and boring. However,a guided Meditation session can actually make meditation enjoyable for those new to it, or those seeking help in a specific area of life. Using the power of visualization, awareness, & relaxation–learn a new way of looking at life and create new ways of being. Create a better relationship with your body, go on a journey of self-discovery or simply take a breather. Ask to do a meditation that is tailored to your needs & healing.

Fees: Vary as per the number of sessions.


A 45-minute session in which we identify the root cause of your issues and I offer you crystal combinations, and other energetic methods to help you heal.

Fees: Rs. 1000.00 (For 45 Minutes Session)

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