Crystals by arura

Our Story

Crystals By Arura was born with a desire to bring a little bit of the magic of Nature into our everyday fast paced lives. A reminder to slow down, appreciate ourselves and all the beauty that is available to us on this beautiful planet. More than just their aesthetics, these natural stones have an ability to create a shift in our physical, mental and spiritual states.

What started as an experiment with creating jewellery transformed into a journey of healing, learning and teaching others. Our crystals and jewellery have travelled all corners of the world , and have helped to transform lives. We offer healing tools in the form of natural stones, jewellery and wellness tools.

All crystals are a 100% genuine and untreated.They are cleansed , energized and blessed with the intention for your highest good. They may be used on your person, or around your space. They can even be gifted to your loved ones.

These colourful rocks used over centuries are a reminder that each one of us is unique, and has the ability to heal ourselves within us. As all is nature is healing, so are we- a part of nature gifted with this too.

As Hamlet says – “There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”
Allow these crystals to connect you to the secrets of the universe, and restore you to harmony with your true Self.

Crystals By Arura Mission

Crystals By Arura is more than just a crystal store – our mission is to educate and inspire you to get to know yourself and your Soul better through the medium of crystals. The more connected we are to our true selves, the more authentic we can be and life becomes more meaningful and in the flow.

We encourage you to connect with your crystals and work with them, co-creating your desired life. Which is why our sister site was created with the intention that you may learn more and de mystify the magic behind crystals and manifestation.

We aim to provide 100 % Genuine crystals and minerals from all over the world that are energized with sound, reiki, oils to promote your healing and wellbeing. Our wish is that you feel those good vibes when you hold these beauties for the first time, and that they bring peace , love , and expansion. Whether you are looking to progress in your career , bring harmony to your relationships, or dig deeper into your soul.. We hope you find a crystal that you can begin that journey with.


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I hope that you are inspired to go on a journey to connect with yourself with the power of Healing Crystals.  To read more about my own journey , head HERE.

With much Gratitude , welcome to the CRYSTALVERSE !

Aarti Kalro

Founder , Energy Healer | Crystal Alchemist | Akashic Reader