ARURA was born with a desire to bring a little bit of the magic of Nature into our lives. Our mission is to bring you  100 % Genuine hand picked crystals and minerals from all over the world that are energized specifically to promote your healing and well being.These beautiful Crystals , born in the womb of the earth over millennia, are a reminder not only of the beauty of Nature, but bring to us the message that we are our own healers.

We were created to live in harmony with nature, being a part of it ourselves . Yet technology filled fast paced lives have disrupted the delicate balance and left us disconnected. Crystals help you re- connect and re-energize your system. They are emotional healing tools , that help bring a new mindset that promotes healing on a physical . emotional and spiritual level.  They are not meant to be a substitute for traditional medicine but used in conjunction with it.

Our crystals are hand picked and carefully sourced from all over the world and locally. India has some of the most beautiful high vibration crystals that are prized the world over for their energies.  Our dream is to bring these gifts of the earth to you, for personal use or to purify the energy of your home.

When they arrive here, they are cleansed to remove all previous energies and then bless and re programmed using a variety of methods be it sound , aroma or reiki . Once your order is placed, your crystals are energized one final time packed with care , ready to head to their new homes.  Thank you for being patient with the shipping times as these are personally energized .

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I hope that you are inspired to go on a journey to connect with yourself with the power of Healing Crystals.  To read more about my own journey , head HERE.

With much Gratitude , welcome to the CRYSTALVERSE !


Aarti Kalro
Founder , Energy Healer | Crystal Alchemist | Akashic Reader