Arura was born to bring the beautiful world of crystals and their healing energies into your life. Arura (Greek) means ‘arable land’, symbolic of the soul that comes into the world, hungry for experience. What we put into our land, is what we get to experience. In the quest for nirvana, freedom for suffering, we must look within.

Like the lotus, our Spirit remains unstained despite the mud it grows from thriving in what would seem to be the worst conditions. At Arura, it is our mission, to inspire, educate and support, the journey of the soul with the magic of Crystals.. We offer you beautiful, high vibration crystals from around the world that have been prepared for your healing. 

Crystals are supportive tools that help you tap into your own innate nature of being able to heal. I truly believe, we are capable of more than we are taught or told. To make the change, we must let go of old ways and these lovely stones are wonderful friends should we choose to take this journey. 

I hope you find something that calls out to you.. To learn more, click on the learn tab, it will take you to our main website which is filled with loads of information, knowledge and articles too.  

Please note that crystals are not a substitute for medical advice but supporting tools. Do not ever stop your medication without talking to your physician first. Nor are they magic beans that just bring in change ! You need to show up and change your mindset. The crystal will help you with that. 

I have experienced the power and love of these stones personally, and have been working with them for a long time. I felt called to share them with those on this path, those seeking change, or looking for answers.

Wether you choose to use them to improve your life, or to search for deeper meaning to your life…they will help you do both. 

If you don’t find what you are looking for , please  contact us, we have a wide range of stock and will do our best to help you.  

I wish you peace and joy ,